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Thomas Consulting is new to West Virgina but its proprietor has a long history in the computer business.

In 1982 Mr. Thomas started writing software as an consultant for Diversified Research Corp. writing display software for the Apple III and Options Typesetting, making early Apple PCs and DEC PDP11 equipment communicate.

In 1986 he began a full time position with TABCO Inc. to implement their computerized accounting system, engineering, job-costing and estimating software on AT&T 6300 PCs networked together.

In 1990 he move employment to Powell Insurance Agency, where he authored software to process insurance applications and renewals. Also designed and configured the network and communications between main office and 5 satellite agencies.

In 1992, he started Thomas Consulting Group, to allow him to services other business as well. He authored a program to combine credit history reports from TRW, Trans-Union and Equifax for presentation by Lenders Credit Corp. to lending institutions. Wrote a “Product Knowledge Tool” for Bell Atlantic, a tracking and invoicing system for Capitol Auto Auction of DC.

In 1998 he opened a retail and repair shop called Bowie Bytes in Bowie Maryland, specializing in new personal computer sales, repairs and small networks.

In 2002 he closed the store and went back to consulting full time, maintaining networks and writing an electronic medical records system for a family practice physician.

In 2005 he moved to Shepherdstown, West Virginia and began Thomas Consulting in 2006.

With this as a background, Thomas Consulting hopes to provide a quality service to small businesses in the Eastern Panhandle Community, making their computer networks simply work better.