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A few friends and useful sites that I recommend...
Businesses I Recommend
Alpha Safe Inc.
Bill Frederick has been a customer of mine for many years and has always been fair and honest. He recently started this new company specializing in GSA certified security containers. If you need one, I'm sure he will be a pleasure to buy from.
Faith Christian Academy
My boys attend school here, I enjoy the family atmosphere of the school, and the teachers seem committed to provide a warm place for fertile minds to grow.
Magnets by Maggie
My sister makes and sells magnetic jewelry at shows in the southwest. Now she is selling on the internet. Her jewelry is beautiful and very well made.
Young Web Database Hotshot
Mark Smith is a young web database designer that I am sure will aspire to great things. If you want to see an example of what pure compliant HTML code looks like, view the source code from his web site.

Useful Software
Old Software
Because the "New and Improved" version sometimes is neither...
Avast Antivirus
Good and free "first line of defense" anti-virus for your home system, you just need to register. If you want to use it on your business system, you will have to pay a little.
Ad-Ware Defense
Spybot Search and Destroy is my favorite tool for the removal and prevention of ad-ware. If you think your infected, run this software from "safe mode" and it will almost always clear up the problem.
FireFox Web Browser
The web browser I use. It doesn't seem to catch the nasty bugs you can get with Internet Explorer.
This is a handy program for cleaning up a lot of leftovers from Windows. It also has a registry cleaner and uninstall program that is easier to use than windows.
Open Office Suite
An office Suite that won't kill your computer loading it. Word processing that doesn't require re-learning every 3 years. Solid spreadsheets and presentations. And the best part is its free.